Sebastian Oberdörfer

For many years computer games and the gaming community are one of my main interests. However, I am not just interested in playing computer games: More and more questions like "How?" and "Why?" came to my mind. Why is World of Warcraft successful? How is it possible that people who would otherwise not have met in the real world are getting connected and socialized through playing World of Warcraft? Which skills and abilities are trained by playing computer games? How are computer games training the users? Is it possible to transfer these skills into the real world and gain benefit from them? Is it possible to certificate computer game skills? How ... ? Why ... ?

My scientific career began in the winter semester 2005 at the University of Bayreuth with the "Theatre & Media" degree program. Where possible I already tried to steer my research questions in the direction of gaming. My bachelor thesis, written in 2008, was about a gaming related topic as well: "World of Warcraft: Virtual worlds, avatars, approaches".

After two years of scientific abstinence the exploratory urge drew a victory. I was hooked again by science: I wanted to find answers to the aforementioned questions. I returned to the University of Bayreuth in winter semester 2010 to graduate in the MA programme "Media Culture and Media Economy". Two years later, I successfully finished my MA programme by submitting my master thesis: "How can a system to educate the capacity for teamwork using the concept of gamification be realized?"

Afterwards one of my questions was answered, but even more complex "Why?" and "How?" questions still remain unsolved. These unanswered questions lead directly to my next step: the Ph.D.

Since 2013, I'm pursuing this goal at the University of Würzburg as a Ph.D. student in the field of Human-Computer Interaction.

The voyage never ends!